Corporate and Social Responsibility

Our Responsibilities

Jascots believes it has corporate and social responsibilities. We aim to contribute to the community and respect the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders. We are committed to equal opportunity and diversity and embrace the need for responsible drinking.

We will employ only the very best Health and Safety practices and finally promise to work to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.

The Scope of our Responsibilities

We aim to meet our corporate and social responsibilities by following a clearly defined set of values and beliefs - these are defined in the following sub sets:

  • Our Mission and Values
  • Our People
  • Equal Opportunity and Diversity
  • The Community
  • Responsible Drinking
  • Health and Safety
  • The Environment

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission:  

Jascots' mission is to deliver the best wines, at every price, with unparalleled customer service, helping clients enjoy and get the most out of wine.

Our Values:

  • Partnership:  Our clients and we are part of the same team
  • Integrity:  We are open, honest and straightforward
  • Quality:  We seek out the best wines in the world and deliver value
  • Teamwork:  We are nothing if not a team
  • Professionalism:  We are committed and responsible professionals
  • Fun:  We love what we do and work hard at it


We are quite clear that the people who constitute our team are our most important asset. We aim to develop and retain the best team in the industry as a result of an uncompromising policy to only recruit the best people and give them the path to success. 

We want to retain an environment of intellectual honesty where every idea has value, always seeking to be collaborative whilst remaining agile. We give of our best and expect that of everyone else, understanding that loyalty works both ways. We believe in empowerment and accountability and always seek to create opportunities for self and team development.

We train with the aim to learn, practise, develop and validate the knowledge and skills required by our team and individuals to successfully deliver commercial success. We seek to create the space for broader knowledge and skill development. Every member of staff has a development plan and receives appraisals.

We aim to have 'Investor in People' status in 2012.  Investors in People is the UK's leading people management business improvement standard. 

Equal opportunity and diversity policy

Jascots Wine Merchants Ltd is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. Our aim is that each employee feels respected and is valued based upon their skills, performance and commitment. At Jascots people will be judged solely on merit and ability during recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion throughout their employment.


  • We believe in the value of working with community charities and projects.
  • We believe in focusing our resources on specific activities.
  • We are in the process of forming a key relationship with the Lord's Taverners.

The Lord's Taverners is the official Charity of recreational cricket and the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports Charity.  Sport and recreation are essential for young people and their mission is to give a 'sporting chance' to those in need. They achieve this by focusing on youth cricket in disadvantaged areas and sports and recreational equipment for young people with disabilities and special needs, including sports wheelchairs, specially-adapted minibuses and sensory play areas.

Responsible drinking

We believe that responsible drinking has a part to play in the normal fabric of our society and for those who choose to drink find it an uplifting and enjoyable pastime, either on its own or with food.

We appreciate that some consumers cause harm to themselves and others when they drink irresponsibly. This is not good for them, society or for the reputation of our industry.  Jascots takes care to only market and sell our products responsibly to adults.

We are responsible for making a positive contribution.  We support programmes, practices and policies that address issues related to the misuse of alcohol including drink driving, underage drinking, and excessive consumption of alcohol.  We encourage our clients to make responsible decisions about drinking - or not drinking - and we expect the same from our employees.

Jascots supports the 'drinkaware' initiative.  Drinkaware aims to change the UK's drinking habits for the better. They promote responsible drinking and find innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.  An independent, UK-wide charity, they are supported by voluntary donations from across the drinks industry to equip people with the knowledge they need to make decisions about how much they drink.

Health and Safety

We strive for the highest Health and Safety standards. We demand that all operations shall be conducted in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of our team, and those affected by our activities.

We aim to have OHSAS 18001 accreditation in 2012.  OHSAS 18001 is the latest certification specification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. It is based on already published criteria such as BS 8800 and the Management Regulations 1992.


Jascots is driven by a dynamic team, who recognise that their work has an environmental impact resulting from resource consumption, transport, purchasing and waste production.  As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance.

Jascots main aims are:

  • To use resources efficiently, prevent pollution and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities or products
  • To manage our waste sustainably and recognise our responsibility to recycle wherever possible
  • To align our environmental practices and procedures with those of our clients
  • To promote environmental awareness, provide training and ensure every member of the team understands their environmental responsibilities
  • To promote sound environmental practices with our suppliers
  • To meet and, where practical, exceed all relevant regulatory requirements

We are currently working towards the following specific objectives:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint per bottle of wine sold
  • Complete a supplier purchasing/supplier environmental register
  • Increase the number of bottles we bottle in the UK
  • Increase our use of lightweight bottles
  • Achieve a further measurable increase in recycled waste

This policy is communicated to all employees, partners, suppliers and contractors. It is subject to regular review.

Dated: 1st January 2012

Recycling and Carbon Offset

Carbon Ofset Logo

Jascots currently recycles 90% of office waste and has reduced its usage of paper by 20% in the last year. For example, the proportion of customers receiving paper invoices has been reduced from 43% to 8% since 2009.  Overall Jascots has reduced the volume of its waste going to landfill by 50% in a year.

For 2011 Jascots' carbon footprint was 150.1 tCO2, as independently verified by the Carbon Trust, and what could not be reduced has once again been offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

Dated: 9th December 2011

ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

ISO Logo

In October 2011 Jascots gained ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification.  ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for the environmental management of businesses. It prescribes controls for those activities that have an effect on the environment. These include the use of natural resources, handling and treatment of waste and energy consumption.

Dated: 5th October 2011

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