Wine Revolution

The Brief

Terrapin approached Jascots with a simple request: to create a fun and exciting post-conference event that stops 40 - 60% of delegates leaving straight away and keeps them at the venue to create networking opportunities

The Jascots Solution

Jascots' Wine Revolution was the perfect event, providing an unstructured and informal atmosphere in which delegates could speak to each other at the same time as enjoying fabulous wines and competing with each other to see who walked away with the first prize of a Double Magnum.

The Result

Over 70% of the delegates stayed behind after the conference to take part in the Wine Revolution, delivering way beyond Terrapin's expectations and giving the delegates a great opportunity for networking.


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Terrapin needed an event to get to know and entertain their clients in a relaxed format after a conference they had held. It was also very important to them to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves and they therefore decided to book a Jascots Wine Revolution; an interactive, communicative and fun wine game.  As the hosts they wanted to be able to wonder around all guests at all times (not unlike you would have at a drinks / canapĂ©s party) with the added element that the clients had a reason and were keen to stay longer than they may have done if it was simply a post conference drink.

The Event Itself

The Jascots Wine Revolution host introduced himself and the game to the delegates / clients with a huge amount of energy just before the closing speeches of the Terrapin conference. The fabulous prizes on offer (double magnum and magnums) were shown and the quality of the wine and competitive spirit of the event enthused about.

As everyone started to leave the conference room, they were all handed a glass of the first quiz wine and a multiple choice answer sheet. Again this seemed to pull more people into the game rather than leaving. As more and more people took part the Jascots team moved around everyone helping them with their answers, quizzing them about the love of wine and which wines they have enjoyed, encouraging as much competitive spirit as possible, with as much humour too. There was about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete 6 wines, where upon everyone is asked to name and hand in their sheets. Once all sheets were in and marked, the Jascots Wine Revolution host blew a whistle and with some delicate handling announced the winners.  First place went to the person with the most correct answers who won a Double Magnum (3litres) of Rioja with the second receiving a Magnum of either Rose or white.  Jascots wooden spoons were handed out to the person with the lowest score. Finally some of the more ridiculous answers on the multiple answer sheets were announced much to the humour of the guests.

The Result

The primary result that Terrapin were after was to stop 60-70% of the conference delegates leaving as the speeches finished, which seems to be norm. By being extremely energetic about the style of the evening to the guests before the conference closed, and by standing handing out a glass to everyone as they left the room, Jascots managed to retain 70-80% (this is an average over the 7 Wine Revolution's that Jascots has run for them). 

It was crucial that the energy and enthusiasm in the room resulted in a friendly, jolly atmosphere so that guests stayed until the end and WANTED to find out the results. Seeing a majority of them swapping business cards meant that the hosts saw that the Jascots Wine Revolution was a perfect and easy tool to get to know their clients better. It added an extra element to the evening, which took it to a much more personable and fun level than a simple, rather staid drinks / canapé party.

Another Successful Event!

  • “"Thank you for your email and thank you for last night. Raving reviews from our customers and my work colleagues...”

    Bank of America


  • “"Thanks Ben. It was another great evening. We have had many so many thank-yous already this morning...”

    Man Group


  • “"Another peerless Wine Championship provided for Kiln. It is truly an event where both hosting and guest spots are the...”



  • “"You beat me to it, I was just about to write to thank you for a superb evening...”

    Enterprise Chambers


  • “"Many thanks for a most entertaining and enjoyable evening. We had many happy clients and I thought Durrants as a venue...”

    Colliers International


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