Jascots Bespoke Wine Events

Suitable for up to 25 people

Champagne Evenings

The Jascots Champagne Tastings are a fun packed evening, where we run through the whole process, history and styles of Champagnes.   With well-known brands, lesser more exclusive Champagnes, vintage, Blancs de Blanc, Grand Crus and depending on the budget Prestige CuvĂ©es such as Dom Perignon  and Krug.  Not only will everyone leave totally understanding the facts and fiction behind this celebratory drink, there will be masses of interesting bits and bobs that are often the most memorable (1000 km's of chalk cellars under the vineyards or how you should pronounce Moet (Del Boy's pronunciation is wrong!) to how many bottles of Champagne are sold each year globally and what was the original Champagne glass based on). 

With a blind tasting at the end, and a fabulous quiz and prizes for the winners, this is an interactive way to explore Champagne resulting in a really memorable evening where every angle is explored and enjoyed.

Food & Wine Matching

Jascots Food & Wine evenings are perfect when the ordinary client dinner needs just a little extra wow factor to it. It is very much a bespoke event, where we and the chefs for the evening will put together the ultimate and perfect meal. Each course will either have one or two wines matched against it, depending on your budget.

The evening will start off with a palate test. A slice of lemon and a small block of blue cheese will be given to each diner and then we will give each person a small glass of French Sauvignon Blanc and a rich Syrah (or something equally robust). The impact of this taste test is instant....the white wine tastes completely different and the impact of the Sauvignon's acidity has reduced hugely. The same is prompted with the red wine.The initial impact of the punchy red is of a strong intense tannic, this dissolves after the blue cheese takes over your palate, and with the second taste the wine is much softer. Both of these set a precedent for the rest of the evening, proving without doubt how food can affect the flavours of the wine.

As the first course arrives we pour the first wine explaining why we have chosen the wine, the history of the wine and the flavours which match the food. Then we let the dinner continue and take a backward step from the event so that the clients and the guests can chat and 'bond'.  We are there to answer any questions if need be. As the main course is served again the next wine is poured and the reasons for selection, stories and history are told. After the main course is finished we pour a blind wine and run a competition with a wine quiz with the winner receiving a magnum of red wine. Finally with the cheese / pudding we pour a sweet wine carefully selected to match the range of cheeses.

Through the medium of the Wine & Food event, we absolutely want you to retain the intimacy and privacy of a client dinner where relationships are developed and business discussed.Yet by adding the palate test, the well selected and informed wines, the quick fire questions and the mystery wine the evenings become less intense and definitely more memorable for the client.

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